I am in Atlanta having the time of my life. Okay, so it’s not exactly all fun and games. I am actually here visiting with a client of mine, so it’s business. But since my business is composed of FUN things I LIKE to do, all my business work is fun. I really do love what I do and the awesome and inspiring people I work with. I also get excited by the things my clients have cooking, and I want to hurry up and help them release them to the world so they can get feedback and just keep improving on their products.

Lately I have been on a new music kick, finding tracks that speak to me, or keep me emphatically lip syncing in the car. This week, my fave tracks are:

1. It’s Over by John Legend feat. Kanye West. “Newsflash: shorty we over / We like Def Jam and Hova”
2. Miss Independent by Ne-Yo. I can appreciate someone who can appreciate an independent woman. Still keeping hope alive over here, lol.
3.  Love Lockdown by Kanye West. I love Yeezy on AutoTune. This song may or may not be hip hop, but it’s dope.
4. Live Your Life by TI feat Rihanna. This is the new theme song of the week. I don’t like how Rihanna comes hard on the hook and TI sounds like Mumbles Malone. Not a fan of his delivery on this one, but the hook makes up for it.

Hopefully I will get back to the A soon enough. This was just a quick trip to dip in and dip out. I missed seeing a lot of folks I would have liked to meet up with, but I hope my next trip will be a little less packed in schedule. I need to do  better at that whole SOCIAL part of Social Media.  

Okay I didn’t sleep at all last night, so I am going to go ahead and enjoy this comfy huge king bed calling my name.

2 thoughts on “ATL”

  1. but I hope my next trip will be a little less packed in schedule.
    I keep telling my relatives that I’ll visit them when I’m in Atlanta, but may schedule always seems to be packed tight. This week was supposed to be “easy” but I wound up getting about 16 hours of sleep in the four days I was there.
    There’s something about the ATL that just won’t let you have any free time. But it’s a fun place.

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