10 Lessons From Brazil

I’m back in the states. Still not back to LA yet, but I am making my way back to the left side.

My trip was quite the experience. It had it’s awesome times, as well as it’s not so awesome times. Either way, it was good to get away from my normal day to day routine for two weeks, and just be in another country. Some take aways and lessons from my time in Brazil:

1. I spend too much money on luxuries and convenient services, and don’t appreciate the basics. (I write this as I lay across my king bed in my suite hotel in Washington, DC.) I like nice things, but I realized I don’t appreciate the basics. Like hot water, and being able to go to an ATM any time of night. And root beer.

2. I spend too much money on and consume a lot of processed food. Now that I am back in the states, my digestive system is not having the best of times. It was nice and calm the entire time I was in Brazil. I am going to reevaluate my diet when I get back to LA.

3. The Internet is slow as molasses in Brazil. It may have been my janky wireless, but in general, be thankful for this lightning speed packet movement we get in the states. Yes, I am a spoiled geek.

4. I spend too much time on Instant Messenger. I have something like 8 screen names across different services. I think I enjoyed not being logged on to them all at the same time, all day. Don’t expect to see me on your favorite instant messaging service anytime soon.

5. I have a lot of gadgets that use up a lot of electricity. Electricity is that crack and I have a bigger dependency on it than I thought.

6. I like to travel. I don’t like being looked upon as a tourist when in another country. I enjoy being able to blend in.

7. I am a pretty smart cookie, yet when I do not know the language of the land I feel like the dumbest person to walk the planet. Interesting how that works.

8. I do not enjoy being the only woman in the company of men. I didn’t think it would bother me. It did.

9. My camera and my iPod are very good travel companions.

10. It’s bigger than religion, hip hop.

All in all, this was a great trip and came to me at the right time. I have some personal evaluations to go through as a result of this trip, and this leads me up into what I anticipate to be a great year in 2009.

Brazil pictures and stories to come.

2 thoughts on “10 Lessons From Brazil”

  1. glad you are back Liz,
    just to comment on your appreciation of finer things. I have to agree. I also came to appreciate clean water and drinkable faucet water upon my return from a third world country. Than alone was a great reflection to me

  2. i think that’s what i like most about traveling, particularly abroad. you are forced to be a different you. it changes your perspective a bit.
    some wonderful insights in this post.

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