Where Have I Been?

May 1, 2008

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It’s been pretty quiet over here at LizBdotscom. I wish I could say I’ve been doing big things, but no, not really. Just trying to survive these next few weeks.

  • Still recovering from surgery. Some days are better than others, but don’t cry for me Argentina.
  • I bought myself a Nikon D40 with an extra 55-200mm lens and the kit. While I am no BK, maybe I can catch Boom. Or not. I just want to have fun, me and my camera.
  • My first blind spin on the D40 can be found here. I took a minute in South Central to smell the roses.
  • I’m writing a (long) paper about media richness theory, Seesmic and Twitter for one of my finals. Oh, the joy.
  • My boys’ blog VerySmartBrothas.com has officially turned one month old, and it’s doing a bang up job. Every week we reach new goals. Did I mention this was a project  of mine for school? 
  • I’m also writing business plans and product documents for a startup I made up in my Building Web Startups class. That should be interesting.
  • I forgot to invite people to my graduation. Including my mom. Oops?

I’m amazed I really thought I could bounce back from surgery like it was nothing. “Oh, sure, I’ll have surgery on the way to graduation.” Somehow it’s working. Days like today were pretty rough  (work, stockpiling energy so you can sit through a four hour lecture late at night), but I have  so few of them left, if any.


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