Yesterday I launched a new series for my job (job? yes–I have a job! more on it later—I’m too busy working). It is called “How I Made It” and it profiles Black women who have made it in the fashion and beauty industry. Our first episode features Mikki Taylor, former Beauty & Cover Editor for […]


I’ve been super busy lately because I have been in the throws of producing  an original web series for a client. I’ve reached a milestone (the series debuted!), so I figured I would weigh in with some thoughts and an update. Have I produced a web series before? No. Since high school, I’ve made small […]


Is it cliche to post TED videos and tell people to watch them right now? Hopefully not yet. Anyway. Watch this TED video I’ve posted. It’s Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame) talking about creativity and the creative process. I know ya’ll are Eat, Pray Love‘d out, but bear with me. It’s 19 minutes […]


This is an excellent presentation (with fun doodles) on the economics and pyschology behind your motivation in business. If you have employees or are thinking about hiring employees, this is a must watch. My thoughts? I completely agree. I can say for myself, monetary incentives for my creativity and general awesomeness never work in driving […]


I am getting sick and tired of these sensationalist videos saying Google is evil. Part of the reason has to do with the fact that I’ve BEEN HAD this hypothesis for at least 3 years now, via John Battelle’s (5 year old!) book, The Search. Does anybody read these days? I guess not. Anyway. Battelle […]



March 25, 2010

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I’m finally getting around to watching NY-Z (heads up by the apropos LateBoots), a documentary short, nee super-commercial, produced by ABSOLUT. It premiered on their Facebook Fan page this week. (Nice lil digital campaign they’ve got going there.) It’s beautiful. Right round the 10:45 minute mark I realized Jigga is entering a party at Rocawear […]


You already know I cried during Mo’Nique’s speech. Anyway, here is a nice little ditty of her press interview backstage, brought to us by the lovely folks at TheLoop21: Highlights: She explains her outfit in relation to Hattie McDaniel She stops press lady to make sure she gives the press who covered her early on […]

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A while ago I got wind that actor/singer Tyrese Gibson had joined Twitter and was begging people to follow him. I knew this because Tyrese hijacked MC Hammer’s Twitter account and was telling people to follow him. I didn’t pay him any mind because although I like his music, and I think he is very […]


Jen, Ouxu, Marcia and I hit the beach on our first morning in Costa Rica. Pardon my rambling and thinking outloud. First Day At The Beach! from calinative on Vimeo.


That Good Indian Hair

August 18, 2009

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I feel like talking about my hair today (right now). If you haven’t seen the trailer for Chris Rock’s “Good Hair,” you can watch here: Looks like this will be a funny film. I think I pretty much know how most of the movie will pan out, being a Black woman and all, but I […]


Change Protection Program

August 26, 2008

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Sometime last month, George 2.0 was in town. OJ and I happened to be hangin out together, so we decided to meet up with George and friends. After all, we’re all apart of The Exchange so it is our duty (or at least mine!) to meet every Exchange crew folk in real life. Meeting George […]

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