The End of The Feed Reader

March 24, 2008

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A quick post over at Web Worker Daily asks are we entering a Post-Reader era?

I think for me, the answer is yes. Since September of last year, I’ve been struggling with my Google Reader. Every time I look up, my unread count is over 1000 posts. I just can’t keep up. I subscribe to something like 250 feeds, and some of them are inactive, but the active ones are too much for me. Lately, as I go through my feeds, I’ve been  discarding the ones I now find annoying. Cutting back.

My Twitter use supplanted my lack of feed reading, because I figured if it were that groundbreaking, one or a few of the people I follow would tweet about it, with links. For the most part, that’s been helping me stay somewhat aware of  what’s been going on in the e-streets. The new problem is I am trying to cut back on my Twitter use. I have reached a plateau. I don’t want to follow anymore people. I feel detached from people on twitter I felt more attached to. I keep my Twhirl on, but I don’t say much, just watch the tweets go by.

Along the same lines: I can’t stand all this aggregated information of all my friends!  Friendfeed is cool and all, if you have 4 friends. Anything over  4 people is just out of control. Or perhaps, my actual real life friends need to join the service for me to care. I know there are filters. I know there is additional commentary. Whatever. All these  sites are beginning to drive me insane.

A year ago I would have sworn by RSS and activity aggregation, because it felt like it made things so simple and saved me *so* much time. Today, I can’t stand this mess. I am overloaded with information, now I don’t care. Now I visit sites manually again. Now I need something to help me save time on my saving time.

Maybe I’m just grumpy because I’m in the middle of reading my feeds right now.


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