Thank You

January 2, 2009

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Little do you all know, I am actually a crazy mad woman behind the scenes. I (supposedly) get things done and run a company, but in truth–my wheels STAY spinning.

But I am working on it. The past few days I have been contemplating some really big moves and plans for 2009 and I realized I am way too unorganized to do anything. My first goal is to get organized, create systems to keep myself organized so I can be more effective with my time and energy. I hired an assistant months ago–but she doesn’t do any work because I haven’t delegated much to her at all. This needs to stop.

Anyway, as I temporarily avoid replying to email (I am backed up, to say the least) you guys keep writing in! To tell me how great and wonderful and awesome I am! And! If only you knew! I am a mess. LOL.

I just wanted to write a short note to say THANK YOU:

To everyone who writes me sweet and encouraging emails (I’m going to write back I promise).
To everyone on Twitter who takes the time to pay me any mind.
To all my online and IRL friends who supported me throughout 2008 with all your encouragement and support.

The good and bad times of 2008 were so much better with you guys in my corner with your emails, text messages, IMs, tweets, DMs, messages, meetups, videochats, Facebook comments, phone calls, blog comments, etc.


I haven’t been able to stay on top of replying to everybody, and I apologize if you may feel like I ignored you. I promise, I read everything that comes in….getting back is another story. But I am working on it! So, thanks again for your time and energy and good vibes.

/end corny entry and return to Bat cave to organize….something.

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