So. This happened. It’s all been happening kinda fast, but if you didn’t know, we (meaning released a book a few weeks ago, called Your Degrees Won’t Keep You Warm at Night: the Very Smart Brothas Guide to Dating, Mating and Fighting Crime. Panama Jackson and Damon Young (fellow co-founders and generally awesome writers […]


I’ve been keeping a secret for some time now and I guess it is finally time to let it all hang out. I have been invited to be a Blogger At Large for the 53rd GRAMMY Awards! You may remember that I was a GRAMMY Community Blogger At Large earlier this year for the 52nd […]


You already know I cried during Mo’Nique’s speech. Anyway, here is a nice little ditty of her press interview backstage, brought to us by the lovely folks at TheLoop21: Highlights: She explains her outfit in relation to Hattie McDaniel She stops press lady to make sure she gives the press who covered her early on […]

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Shonda Rhimes, on TV and instant internet culture (emphasis mine): Let’s talk about TV coverage on the Internet. What do you think about this instant feedback culture? Does it influence you?Rhimes: I think for a long time we’d really try to stay here in the bubble. … It’s only really lately and with the […]

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From the NYT Freakonomics blog, on mixed race children: There are some bad adolescent behaviors that whites do more than blacks (like drinking and smoking), and there are other bad adolescent behaviors that blacks do more than whites (watching TV, fighting, getting sexually transmitted diseases). Mixed-race kids manage to be as bad as whites on […]


A few days ago we installed the second round of additions to the WIRED SCIENCE Facebook application (which I discussed first here). We gave the application more elements (10 elements, instead of 5), more compounds (55 compounds instead of 15), and I redesigned the quiz algorithm (and added one more question). Take the test again […]


The Boondocks, one of the more controversial animated series of the past few years has produced two episodes attacking your favorite TV network: BET. Both episodes appear in full below. Please beware of harsh language. “The Huey Freeman Hunger Strike” “The Ruckus Reality Show” Comments: I like Dr. Leevil, even if I am not supposed […]


We are one step closer to Social Media Kind here at my job. Today we officially launched the Tavis Smiley Video Blog! This is a pretty cool project I have had my ear on here at work. As many social media projects go, this is a work in progress, and we have many things lined […]

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Like many viewers of The Wire I am an avid fan of the show. I didn’t start watching the series until the middle of Season 4, when my boy Dame told me I had to stop and watch the season from the beginning so I could catch up and watch it with him. Wire fans […]