In case you didn’t notice, I am in the middle of a redesign or reorganization of my blog. After a year or more of collecting dust with a very lazily-modified Thesis theme (basically, I just changed the link colors), I decided I needed to make my website a little bit more personal. So, this is […]


Soooo. I’ve been trying to work on my “writing career” slowly but surely. The latest chapter in this walk is my interview with the totally awesome Tristan Walker of FourSquare: “Square Biz: The Silicon Valley Hustle of Tristan Walker, VP of Biz Dev at FourSquare” I pitched this interview to The Atlanta Post months ago, […]



May 19, 2010


I write about social media, technology, entrepreneurship, entertainment/celebrities, in other places besides my blog. Here are some pieces I have written around the web: Rock Stars, Techies Talk Mobile And Social Web – GRAMMY.com Follow The GRAMMYs Like A Rock Star – GRAMMY.com Map Your Music Memories – GRAMMY.com Square Biz: The Silicon Valley Hustle […]

You have 17 drafts

December 6, 2009

in News,Personal

I’ve been writing for the web as a blogger since before it was called blogging, and yet….I don’t blog regularly. In fact, I stopped blogging regularly before blogging was the new black.  I had a long post written about my thoughts on blogging, and how I came to be the way I am. But then […]


Me on Clutch/Golden

June 1, 2009

in Business

I wrote a piece for Golden (a Clutch Magazine blog) this week, on the joys (and perils) of loving your work. Loving your Work: A Booby Trap? Check it out if you just can’t get enough of me. I will probably write some more pieces for Golden later, as well. You should also stick around […]