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Today I have two things I need you all to gear up and vote for. First, I am working with two lovely gentlemen, J Brotherlove (@jbrotherlove) and Brandon Sheats (@sheatsb), to get our panel picked at SXSW Interactive next year. The name of our panel is: Online Gatekeeping: Who Died and Made You King? As […]



September 26, 2008

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If you happen to be in the Miami, FL area,  tonight The Champ, myself, and possibly Panama Jackson of will be guests on Keeping It Real with Te-Ericka, a radio show on WBRY 1640 AM. The show airs every Friday from 10 pm until midnight, EST.   We’ll be on there discussing internet dating […]


VSB Turns 100

August 28, 2008

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Today Panama posted the 100th post on It was a momentous occasion for us all, so we ended up posting the VSB 100th Post Commentator Awards, which was pretty freaking hilarious if you ask me. We unveiled our VSB clothing line. Ok, so it’s not exactly a clothing line, it’s an online t-shirt shop […]


So. My babies got nominated for three Black Web Awards! Best Blog Best Relationship Advice Site Best Site for Brothas Mind you, I have never even heard of the Black Web Awards, but apparently they’ve been doing this for three years. Now you can cite me on being late to something web-related (it happens rarely). […]

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Where I've Been

July 24, 2008

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It’s been a rough few weeks here at lizbdotscom. I’ve been everywhere doing everything, yet nowhere doing nothing. All at the same time. So, let me give an update to the few people who keep up with me on my pitiful little piece of cyberspace: I’ve been consulting on the side. Yes, cheating on all […]


VSB: First Press

June 11, 2008

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For those who didn’t catch it on my Twitter, Flickr and Facebook accounts, Very Smart was featured in The Metro News yesterday in three markets (Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia). To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. A few months ago, Panama and  The Champ came to me  and said they had a blog […]