Just a quick note to let you know my first post for the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards season is up on! The post is titled, “Map Your Music Memories,” and in the post I review the pretty spiffy MusicMapper app The Recording Academy launched earlier this month. I think the iPhone app is cool […]


I've Been Drafted

July 13, 2008

in News

The fine folks over at Black Web 2.0 invited me to do some guest writing for their blog, and my first post is up! I’ve had this under my hat for some time now, but clearing some things off of my plate took longer than I expected. I’ll be discussing my usual social media/web/tech thoughts […]


When talking to someone IRL, they decide to cut short the line of conversation with, “let’s talk about this offline.” Am I missing something? If we’re talking face-to-face or on the phone, aren’t we already offline? Who are these people who do not know the difference between offline and online? Maybe they need to revisit […]