This week I had the honor and privilege of joining Scott Hanselman on his podcast, Hanselminutes, to talk about what it is I do for a living, as well as some diversity in tech talk. A basic rundown of the topics: My time at MIT How confident are we in Social Media Analytics/ROI? “That Guy”: […]


Note: In an effort to stop being a lazy blogger fill this blog with content about moi, I have decided to start a section called Favorite Things, all about–you guessed it– my favorite things. I always like to ask people for their take on any given product or service before I try it out for […]


Being the nerd and cheapskate that I am (always love a deal), Black Friday is naturally one of my favorite days of the year. I like to get up early, and hit one or two stores (not too many, or it’s a wrap) to find the best deal on something electronic. A digital camera, a […]