In case you didn’t notice, I am in the middle of a redesign or reorganization of my blog. After a year or more of collecting dust with a very lazily-modified Thesis theme (basically, I just changed the link colors), I decided I needed to make my website a little bit more personal. So, this is […]


A month ago I decided to fly home to LA for a week because I knew I would not be able to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I usually like to spend a few weeks in LA when I fly back, but this time I could only stay for a week, as […]


So. I got baptized last Saturday. At the beach. A New York beach, at that. This might seem like it came out of nowhere. I think that was by my own design. You see, I joined a church back in June. A church I’ve been attending since March. I’ve been looking for a church to […]


Yesterday I’d had enough of my self-imposed cabin fever and decided I would go outside. And do stuff. You see, I’m a hermit of sorts. I stay home, indoors, all the time. Sure, I come from a land of beautiful weather with beaches and lovely outside things to do, but I tend to spend most […]


I know it’s been a while since I last blogged, especially regularly. Most of that has to do with my bright idea that I would wait for the new Movable Type 5 to be released so I could have an excuse to migrate my blog to a new directory (which I did) and set up […]


It’s been three months since I left LA and moved to NYC. I miss it dearly. I mostly miss the weather and loveliness of Southern California, especially this time of year. So tomorrow I am going back for a visit! w00t. I don’t know exactly how long I’ll be there. It could be for a […]


Little do you all know, I am actually a crazy mad woman behind the scenes. I (supposedly) get things done and run a company, but in truth–my wheels STAY spinning. But I am working on it. The past few days I have been contemplating some really big moves and plans for 2009 and I realized […]


About Elizabeth

December 19, 2008

in Personal

My family knows me by my first name, but to friends and the general public I am known as Elizabeth Burr, which is also my grandmother’s name. My grandmother had a massive stroke, and after three days in intensive care, she passed away on December 11th. I can’t describe how much my heart broke when […]


Four Days Off The Grid

April 17, 2008

in Personal

It’s been four whole days since I officially took myself off the grid (meaning off the internet). I am pretty much continuously on the grid. Between my twitter, my feeds, my iPhone and e-mail, I am pretty much connected to the web at all times. Try and catch me by phone, or in real life? […]