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I’ve been extra quiet lately, not because I don’t have much to say but because my blog was driving me NUTS for the past 3 months. How Movable Type 5 Made My Blogging Life Miserable I was previously on Movable Type 5, but ever since the upgrade, the system was more taxing than it needed […]

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Last Monday I had the honor of sitting on a panel for the Introduction to Online Communities class for the Online Communities program at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. That’s a mouthful. If you’re paying close attention, this is the program where I earned my master’s degree (I was in the 2007 […]



November 23, 2007

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It’s late and I’m up tooling away on Movable Type. I think this is my retirement comeback from the MT beast. I’ve been dabbling in WordPress the past few years, but back in 2003 I came on the scene using MT. MT4 is kinda fresh, so I’ll keep this installation up so I can stay […]