Two weekends ago I was hanging with a few of my friends from MIT here in the City. Miss SQ was in town, and decided to grace us with her presence. When we get together (Mr. M being the third spoke on our wheel of fun), we tend to have the best of times. As […]


A quick little update to drop some info and links to you. 1) This post from 37Signals (LOVE THEM!!11) entitled, The bar for success in our industry is too low, is the DOPEness. Go read it. Now. I think people have this e-game twisted, wanting to be the next YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, not knowing […]


The other night, I went to the opening of 21, with some local MIT alumni. My girl Charisse organized a get together of MIT folks to see a 21+ showing at the Arclight in Hollywood. No, there were no extra ‘adult’ scenes in the film, or anything. Arclight 21+ showings just have a bar outside […]


I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. The BackstoryI joined Facebook in the Spring of 2004, which means I am coming up on my 4th year as a dedicated active member. I got in early like most of the Ivy League/Top Tier students because Facebook only catered to this audience at the time. Being an […]


School Days

January 14, 2008

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It’s that time of year again: the beginning of another academic semester. For me, hopefully this will be my last semester in school for a long time. Emphasis on long. I’m wrapping up a Master’s degree, and I don’t believe in having multiple Master’s degrees, so the only other option would be to get a […]


It’s 2008. I’m closer to being old. The only cool thing about 2008 is that it’s the One Hundred Year Anniversary of my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the first sorority founded for Black college women. Oh, and The Wire is back. Other than these two points, 2008 had nuthin’ else going for it, […]