michael jackson

Today is the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. A year ago today I was in Los Angeles, at the offices of a new client. Working. My client covers news for African-Americans, so as soon as news broke about MJ, we were all over it. Except, this was too real to be part of our everyday […]


Cupid's Hunt: MJ's Love

February 12, 2010

in Music,Personal

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means my blog gets lit up with Cupid’s Hunt shenanigans. What is Cupid’s Hunt? Glad you asked: Cupid’s Hunt is the premiere online collaboration event where DJ and podcasters from all over the Internet release loved-themed music mixes all on the […]


…until I write about Michael Jackson. Still gathering my thoughts on this one folks. Be back later.