Soooo. I’ve been trying to work on my “writing career” slowly but surely. The latest chapter in this walk is my interview with the totally awesome Tristan Walker of FourSquare: “Square Biz: The Silicon Valley Hustle of Tristan Walker, VP of Biz Dev at FourSquare” I pitched this interview to The Atlanta Post months ago, […]


This week I had the honor and privilege of joining Scott Hanselman on his podcast, Hanselminutes, to talk about what it is I do for a living, as well as some diversity in tech talk. A basic rundown of the topics: My time at MIT How confident are we in Social Media Analytics/ROI? “That Guy”: […]


My Interview on Black Web 2.0

September 12, 2008

in News

I was interviewed by the folks over at Black Web 2.0! Go read. 

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