Last night I stood in line for church for over 2 hours. Insane. Since I started getting to know the people going on my Haiti trip (more about Haiti in the next post!), I’ve been making friends with other Christians in the City, which has been pretty awesome for me. One of the girls I […]


I thought this CNN Black In America segment and piece was pretty interesting: an AME church in Irvine, CA is practicing integration. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I grew up next door to Irvine, CA. When I saw this video, I was shocked (SHOCKED!!) that a) there were enough Black people to […]


Yeahhh. Things have been a little hectic over here in LizLand HQ. Healthy Changes I’ve been thinking a lot about my health lately. Well, more than just thinking, I started making some changes. I’ve written about it mostly on my Tumblr, but I will probably move my health discussions elsewhere, either on a separate Tumblr, […]