Last night I stood in line for church for over 2 hours. Insane. Since I started getting to know the people going on my Haiti trip (more about Haiti in the next post!), I’ve been making friends with other Christians in the City, which has been pretty awesome for me. One of the girls I […]


Why I’m Going To Haiti

September 30, 2010

in #Haiti,Travel

As you may know, I have a bit of a travel bug and I’m always looking for places to travel. A few years ago I made it a personal goal to take at least one international vacation every year. My next international trip will be to Haiti. Haiti is a peculiar “vacation” destination, and the […]


I’m one of those people who reads blogs and never comments. If you ever see me comment on a blog, it must be a serious matter going on someway somehow. I’m not sure why I stopped commenting on blogs. I know it’s common courtesy to comment if you like a blog, but I think I […]