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March 17, 2008

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Like many viewers of The Wire I am an avid fan of the show. I didn’t start watching the series until the middle of Season 4, when my boy Dame told me I had to stop and watch the season from the beginning so I could catch up and watch it with him. Wire fans love to talk about the show with each other. We will wake up in the middle of the night, talk to you cross-country for two hours about what just went down with Prop Joe.

I dated a Baltimore native for three years, had been to Baltimore many, many times, and never watched The Wire until Season 4. I am unsure how this happened, because now that I am an Official Fangirl, I can’t wait to get to back to BMore and say hi. Anyway, it was love at first sight with Season 4, often crying at the TV after every episode (I’m a sap, do not leave me in front of the TV alone–I will cry). I was upset that Season 5 would take forever to arrive, but that gave me time to go back and watch Seasons 1 – 3.

Season 5 rounded out the series. The newsroom arc wasn’t my favorite, but after some explanation from David Simon, it fits. The final episode warmed my heart. Dukie the junkie broke my heart though. I knew it was coming, but seeing it before my eyes just made me lose it. Life goes on Baltimore, no?

I miss the show. Not sure if I have ever loved a TV series as much as this one, and I could kick myself for not getting on it sooner than later. Backtracking is definitely worth it though, so if you have never seen the show, there’s no day like today to get started.

You know what else I could kick myself over? David Simon coming to USC to speak at my school–Annenberg–and I missed it! I was making my RSS Reader rounds, when I noticed Undercover Black Man posted an entry about the YouTube clip of the Simon lecture. Sure enough, I make a visit to my inbox and see all kinds of (unread) e-mails about David Simon coming to speak on March 3rd. Oops. Inbox Zero is elusive, what can I say?

Check out the video of the lecture below, if you have some time. It’s 90 minutes long, so make some tea and get comfy. I’ll go ahead and spoil it for you right now and say: Simon says that Cheese was Randy’s father! I knew Wagstaff was an unusual last name for not one, but two, characters to have. Gah! I hated Cheese, and I loved Randy. That would have been interesting to see how this played out. Find out why they didn’t get to tell the story in the clip. Simon is speaking to a bunch of  journalists so he has some interesting commentary about the  Internet, and the bad situation newspapers endure online today. That’s a whole ‘nother talk show though.

Simon also posted on the HuffPo today, summarizing a lot of what he talked about at this lecture a few weeks ago. Check that out too.

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Michael March 18, 2008 at 3:46 AM

Wow, I’m surprised that he admitted that Randy was Cheese’s son. I think I read somewhere else (HBO’s episode recaps?) that their relation was unknown. Too bad they didn’t work that into the show explicitly.
I think that watching the series the way you did was probably a better way to see it. You didn’t have to suffer the long waits year after year like the rest of us. There’s so much that I forgot from the early years that popped back up in Season 5. I am looking forward to watching the whole thing over again though.


Liz March 18, 2008 at 11:45 AM

Yeah, he said they buried a lot of stories into the show, in case they needed them or wanted to use them later for some reason.
I definitely think I had an advantage to just sit and campoout fro weekend to weekend, going through the DVD discs. Season 2 was rough to get through though. It took me months to get through it because I was losing interest. I own season 3 on DVD, but I would buy a box set of the whole series if one came out.


mike check March 18, 2008 at 1:43 PM

here’s my final farewell to The Wire. check it out at


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