I Promise I Have An Opinon

December 29, 2007

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I started blogging back in late 2002, mostly about personal items. When you’re in college, of course you’re doing a lot of soul searching, etc. I blogged everyday, sometimes even a couple times a day. Right now, I am very afraid to visit those archives, who knows what I said back then. Either way, this here blog is supposed to be different. I guess it is a collection of my opinions and thoughts about the web, social media, updates on my life, links to things I am doing on the web, and anything else that comes to mind. Less personal business (I have reserved that for my VOX, for some unknown reason).

The problem with this blog is that I am currently 6 weeks behind on the Internet. How does one get behind on the internet? That’s easy, just stop reading all of your regular blogs or RSS feeds. Google Reader now tells me that I have 4664 Unread items. I could mark all as read, but I cannot do that. Not without sifting through them a bit. It appears as though my job, my thesis and other grad school work got in the way these past few weeks and here I am. behind on the internet with no opinion.

In the meantime, I think I’d rather pimp out my site than catch up in the internet.  But I guess I need some content first. I’ll be back when I have an opinion to write about.

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