Growing Up

November 1, 2010

in Personal


I’m home in LA for a week. By the beach. I’ve missed it.

I’m here visiting family. I probably won’t be able to make it back for Thanksgiving, and since I am going to Haiti the day after Christmas, I probably won’t be able to go home for Christmas either.

Every time I come to LA, I am reminded why I love and miss this place.

I miss my family. I miss the friends I have here. I miss the beach. I miss a Trader Joe’s that doesn’t look like it’s been ravaged by hyenas.

In addition to playing catch up with everything I’ve missed in LA, I am distanced enough from NYC to give cause for some reflection. In the past few months I’ve been trying to overhaul my health, but I see I need to overhaul other areas of my life: mainly my career, finances, and friendships. I have my priorities out of order when it comes to these things, and I need to get them in the right order. In some ways I treat these ares of my life immaturely and in order to get myself to the next level, I know I’ll need to work on these areas.

The next few months are going to be pretty intense and there is going to be a lot of change in my life. Most of it has to do with my getting old (almost 30!), but also my desire to mature and….grow up.

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