Favorite Things

I’m one of those people who reads blogs and never comments. If you ever see me comment on a blog, it must be a serious matter going on someway somehow. I’m not sure why I stopped commenting on blogs. I know it’s common courtesy to comment if you like a blog, but I think I […]


Note: In an effort to stop being a lazy blogger fill this blog with content about moi, I have decided to start a section called Favorite Things, all about–you guessed it– my favorite things. I always like to ask people for their take on any given product or service before I try it out for […]


Two of my really good friends have decided to go half on a blog and impart their wisdom on the world: Very Smart Brothas. If you’ve caught me on Twitter, MySpace or Facebook for the past week, I’ve been pushin’ the blog like my life depended on it. Just a lil sly marketing on my […]